Beautiful Quite Friendly

Situated after the famed 5th ave that made an entirely remain, nevertheless convenient to walk into. Be sure that you try surrounding restaurants, even since they might not look as fresh as those on the 5th, but the pricing is all about 1/3 the price. Staff was quite friendly.

Rooms were clean and spacious. Always felt wash. Air conditioning was fine. Virtually too chilly on its smallest setting. The pools were more than envisioned, much more like soakers. Parking is quite restricted. Almost hard. The timing was crucial to locating parking.

Most resort beds in Mexico are similar to sleeping on concrete. The TV was a flat screen, but it seemed to be just 32 inches.

The roof has two small pools and approximately eight sofa seats. The issue is there is not any color, so if you’re spending some time on the roof, you’re probably going to need to devote some time at the pool to remain calm. The lounge chairs seem okay but are now the very uncomfortable chairs built.

My room safe was not working when I checked. The team had been back with batteries over five minutes.

If you’d like breakfast, you’ll need to stop in the front desk to receive your slip of paper to contribute into the waitperson in Rey David that’s joined to the reception. Staff is friendly and they recommend great activities such as cozumel shore snorkeling and beach club close to the hotel.

The free breakfast includes coffee, cereal, juice, bread, lunch meat, and other things. I would advise that you plan on getting the free breakfast daily. For me, there was not enough I needed to make it worthwhile. Loved this place.