Outstanding, as always

Service was excellent. All the GO’s seemed to enjoy what they were doing seriously. Room was spotless (shout out to Anne, our housekeeping person) and bed very comfortable. The beach was absolutely beautiful! So many activities included in the price that we enjoyed the nightly shows and events. Would definitely go back again. Special thanks to Mitch, Francis, Sydney, Eden, Harrison, Arturo, JuJu, Mo, Mao, TJ and last but not least the always entertaining Lance. You all made for a memorable vacation.

Just returned from another Club Med vacation in Turks and Caicos. Two weeks doesn’t seem long enough to enjoy this beautifully landscaped property and participate in all the games and activities offered. I should note that my husband and I visited our first Club Med in 1973, and we still continue to enjoy the inclusive, relaxing, activity themed atmosphere that is unique to Club Med.

The new Chief of the Village arrived two days after we did. Julian, did a terrific job throughout our stay, keeping the magic of Club Med alive. He and his team(GO’s) were out and about every day at the pool, on the beach, at dinner… meeting vacationers and ensuring that they were enjoying their stay – they also recommended me some snuba diving cozumel tours for my people.

We participated in daily tennis clinics led by skilled instructors, Francis and Mitch, sailed with Cheez, Emily, and CoCo, and successfully placed in the weekly regatta. We also sampled a variety of well prepared and satisfying meals (hats of to the team of chefs), dined under the tropical night sky, and watched very talented GO’s perform nightly shows.

The circus team was one of the best we have ever seen. We could have done so much more but… Finally, our deluxe room was immaculate, comfortable, and gave us a balcony view of the sunsets on Grace Bay, one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

My wife and I had the most beautiful vacation ever. Everything just “clicks” at this club. The food, the activities, and especially the GO team were excellent. We recommend to all our single friends and couples that this place is the place to visit for a relaxing and stimulating vacation ( Yes both). The customers ( also called GM’s) tend to be fun loving active adults ( of all ages) with diverse backgrounds, which makes the experience even more vibrant.

We will come back here. I have been coming to this club since it opened and I think it’s at a high point now. I genuinely hope they can keep it going at this standard. It’s a joy to see all ages, but not the youngsters. It seems there are plenty of places for the family but not so many for us older/middle/young who don’t wish to vacay with young ones.